Postgresql Developer Training

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Postgres Developer Training

Learn how to leverage Postgres

 Postgresql should be considered a data platform rather than just a database. Learn to leverage the unique features of Postgres, it's extension eco-systems of extensions and how you can benefit from tighter integration with Postgres.  Create your own unique data types and foreign data wrapper to make your own domain specific language (dsl) for your data.

Sure you have been told to write your application to be independent of the database as a core principle of software development but does this principle hold today? In the rush to the cloud how independent are you of your cloud provider? Microservice architecture is independent in theory only. With Postgres you can get tight integration with freedom!

Check out Postgres Developer training course outline.

We also provide Postgres consulting services.

After this course you will be able to:

  • Write PSQL functions,

  • Develop custom data types,

  • Use foreign data wrappers,

  • Install and make use of Postgres extensions,

  • Leverage Postgres features to enhance your application,

  • Apply for a Job as a Postgresql integration expert