Jumping Bean

Training Catalog

Jumping Bean is the premier training company for developing skill and capabilities with the latest open source technologies. We work with companies, big or small, to develop training programmes to fill their skills gap and meet the future head-on. 

Choose Your Training Format

All our courses are offered in multiple formats to accommodate your learning constraints.

Online or face-to-face, full time, or part time self-paced or scheduled training; you can mix and match to suit your learning style and contexts.

All our instructors and coaches have years of field experience leveraging the latest technologies to help achieve business goals.

Leading Edge Technologies     

We focus on the emerging technologies of tomorrow to ensure we skill people with knowledge that will be relevant to their future careers and prospects.

Being able to identify future technologies and which current day technologies will still be relevant 5 years from now is one of our secret weapons.

Benefit from our rich and diverse experience.

Customer Focused Outcomes

We work with our customers to identify their skills gaps and plug the whole with a comprehensive, customised training solution to meet their needs.

Partner with us and future proof your organization with the skills of tomorrow.

We are happy to hold technology radar sessions with our clients to discuss and inform clients about the latest trends and developments in IT and learn from their challenges and requirements.