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Java EE 6 Training Course

Java Enterprise Edition 6 (JEE 6) Training

This JEE training course focuses on the Java Enterprise Edition of the Java Platform .The enterprise components taught in this course include

  • Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) technology - session beans, message-driven beans,

  • Java Persistence API (JPA),

  • Servlets,

  • JavaServer Pages (JSP) technology,

  • Java Messaging.

All our JEE courses are taught using either the JBoss or Glassfish JEE application server but the content is vendor-neutral enabling students to apply their new skills on any JEE compliant application server. Students will gain hands-on experience that build an end-to-end, distributed business application. The course exercises explore session EJB components, which implement the Session Façade pattern and provide a front-end to entity components using the Java Persistence API.

Students will also implement JMS consumers and code the front-end using JSP and Java Server Faces. In addition, students will expose their service layers via SOAP and Restful front-ends as well as learn to deploy the application onto a compliant JEE application server.